Hello and welcome to Pro Strats. Noob Stats! If you’re reading this than thank you for stumbling across this baby blog. Blogging, unlike video games, is something I and my associates are not “pros” at. At least not yet, but for now, all noobs here. Despite the green nature of my experience I decided to take on the challenge. By the end of this post you will get to know more about who I am, why I decided to start this venture in the first place, and what the blog is about. 

Alright, If you’re still with me and you’re not a friend or family (hi mom!) then you’re a real one. For those who don’t know me, my name is Landon Turner. I won’t bore you with my entire life story, but I’ll give you the pertinent highlights. I am 25 years old, married with no little humans…yet. I have spent the bulk of my life playing God’s sport: Football. I played offensive line at the University of North Carolina. Not everyone, if anyone, in Tar Heel country agrees with me about what God’s sport is, but I digress. I went on to play in the NFL for the New Orleans Saints for two years. I was released this past September and am currently in between teams as a free agent. Which I am obviously handling well because I started blogging.

My other passion, and what I want to share my experience with here, is video games. I’ve always enjoyed writing and, with the sudden increase in my free time, I decided to dust off the English degree I survived getting and combine two of my loves. I inherited my size and most of my athleticism from my father. He played linebacker for the West Virginia Mountaineers back in the day. But he also passed down to me one of our greatest passions in video games. My dad was a bit of a gamer himself and still is to this day at the ripe age of 50+. (Dad, I’d make you younger but the truth is better, the best I could do was not be specific.) He still plays titles like Assassins Creed and Call of Duty. Basically, I want to be him when I grow up. 

As an avid gamer I play a lot of video games. So much so that my close friends are baffled by the quantity of titles in my PSN trophy list and how I find time to play so much. My response is usually something like “trade secrets”.

One of the games I played an egregious amount of hours on was Destiny 1 & 2. The ups and downs I’ve had in my relationship with Bungie is a post for another time. I bring it up because it was Destiny that would sow the seed for this blog. My clan is made up of my best man in my wedding, some friends back home and a bunch of randos that became like family (S/O CCA). We played often and knew all the strategies to take down raid bosses and other teams in contests like Iron Banner and Trials of Osiris/the Nine. We also have a knack for self-deprecation and when I was brainstorming the name for the blog, my best man threw out “Pro Strats Noob Stats” and there couldn’t be a more apt name to blog about our gaming. I still have yet to go flawless in Trials. Despite knowing what we’re doing, there are times we get absolutely carried. My woes are not limited to Destiny. I struggle to keep my KDR (Kill-Death Ratio) respectable in most first-person shooters. I got obliterated in Dark Souls and Nioh. I only have 5 solos in all of my Fortnite history. For all of the hours and hours I play my stats are typically above average to sometimes pretty good. I live out our tag line “We know what we’re doing… We’re just not very good at it”. My hope is to share with you our extensive wisdom but not much of our skill. 

Listen, I know that the market is over-saturated with video games sites, reviews and walk-throughs. They can be bad or good but not always relatable. Either the people playing we’re much better than I, or reviews weren’t as reflective of the game as I thought they could be and so on. I set out with this blog to share the video game layman’s experience and to open my and my associates opinions to the world. As the name suggests we will not take anything too seriously and will enjoy them as intended. The goal is to give an honest take on games, the industry, and strategies to play while having fun along the way.


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