Holy hiatus! I apologize for the lack of posts. Life got in the way a bit but I’m back and will strive to put out at least semi-regular post (I’m saying this more for myself than anything). At any rate, let’s jump right to it!

I poured hours into this game and I got a good feel for it to share my “pro” strats. If you’re getting Odyssey for Christmas, or just picked it up, I hope some of it helps keep your play through smooth. If I miss any helpful tips or have anything to add please don’t hesitate to comment!

A Nightmare

Assassin's Creed® Odyssey_20181218025003

I started this campaign under the nightmare difficulty like the video game masochist I am. Initially I wanted to do it to be a hardo and to be able to say I did it. However, after hours of being stuck trying to get through a single fort and my wife’s laughter at my pain I finally relented. I relegated back to normal difficulty which is far more reasonable. Not to mention there is no XP boost or achievement for completing the game on Nightmare. I share all this to say that this game isn’t Dark Souls and is much better enjoyed playing at the default level. If your experienced with the newer Assassins Creed fighting mechanics then you may find that Hard is right for you. But if your casually playing or looking to finish the game anytime soon you will save a lot of time and gray hairs.


Spoiler alert, but one of the abilities your Alexios/Kassandra can unlock and use is the Spartan Kick. In the hours I’ve sunken into this game not once has Spartan kicking an enemy off a building or cliff gotten old. In a dark turn of events I even kicked a lion off a cliff (see below, I’m sorry 6-year-old me). I cried a bit inside as it fell into the gorge below and images of Mufasa flashed before me (in my defense it was him or me). You can spend an ability on this early on and I would highly suggest it because it’s a great equalizer against tough enemies. Often I found myself in a bad spot (especially on Nightmare) and the best solution was to launch the stronger opponent to his death like Gerard Butler himself.

I have to mention that the Ring of Chaos  ability is like the Spartan kick but with an AoE that stuns and knocks everyone back. Ultimately it’s more practical, especially when boarding ships in naval battles. But personally I found it less realistic and boring. Not to mention I can’t yell “THIS IS SPARTA” in my head.

Range, Range, Range

Odyssey has a myriad of weapons available, each with animations unique to their categories. Swords and daggers are fast and do a lot of damage quickly but at the cost of getting in close. This isn’t an issue when facing one or two foes but getting caught in large groups or an elite opponent can get hairy. Heavy blunts and blades have a medium range and deal a ton of damage. It’s good for overpowering groups but I’ve found spears and staffs to be the most effective weapons. They aren’t as quick as sword and daggers or as devastating as heavy weapons but the most versatile. They are particularly helpful to control multiple enemies and keep those who want your virtual head at a respectable distance. Keeping the opposition at a distance can be key when facing something elite or higher level than you.

Break it Down

Materials can be harder to come by in this game, especially early on. But they play a crucial part in upgrading the ship and the equipment you particularly favor. It’ll be important to loot war supplies before you burn them but even more important is to dismantle your unused gear. I don’t suggest selling it because Drachmae is easily earned in missions, locations, and bounties. Dismantling the armor and weapons you don’t like or aren’t using will save you time on farming to upgrade your favorite gear. Take advantage of looting weapon racks dotted throughout the game for quick gear fodder.

Play it Your Way

Assassin's Creed® Odyssey_20181023140326

There are three categories of damage: Hunter, Warrior, and Assassin. With that comes a lot of freedom in the way you want to play and tackle fighting. There is more than one way to play so your approach is really up to you and what suits you. Just go with what’s the most fun. I was more concerned about face-to-face combat as opposed to sneaking around so I focused largely on warrior damage. The real pro strat here is to be mindful that the gear you have equipped has bonuses that fit your play style. That being said it is Assassin’s Creed and stealth is an integral part of the game. No matter how you decide to play, it will be helpful to put some ability points to Critical Assassination and abilities that make you harder to detect.

There you have it! Pro Strats: Assassins Creed Odyssey. If you haven’t set out on your journey yet or if you’re in the midst of it I hope you find this helpful. If I missed something or if there’s a fresh perspective I would love to hear it. Don’t forget to like, comment, and follow!


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